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  • What is your repertoire?
    You can find our ever-growing list here!

  • What do I need to provide for the quartet?
    Thanks for thinking about this! The minimum we require is 4 chairs with NO armrests (they get in the way when playing), and a sheltered and covered spot if we will be playing outdoors. If we will be there for more than an hour, a glass of water would be wonderful. Anything else (other drinks and food) is entirely up to you.

  • Does playing under a tree count as "covered"?
    Unfortunately no. By covered and sheltered, we mean somewhere out of the rain and wind, and where things can't fall on our instruments. (we've played under pear trees in the past, and a fat pear fell onto a violin!) This is very important to us because even the smallest amount of rain can damage our priceless instruments. Additionally, while we all have instrument insurance, playing in unsheltered places will void our cover.

  • Can I request a particular piece or song to be played?
    Yes, absolutely! Let us know when you first get in touch if you have any specific pieces/songs you'd like to hear. If we do not have these already in our repertoire list, you may incur an extra arrangement charge. This is one of the details we will discuss before offering you a final quote.

  • Can you take requests on the day?
    In order to maintain our high standard, we like to be able to prepare our music for you beforehand, therefore no requests can be taken on the day of your event.

  • Why does a quartet cost so much?
    Musicians have a lot of hidden costs - alongside decades of training and an expensive instrument, the cost of instrument maintenance and insurance is taken into account, as well as the time taken to rehearse prior to your event.

  • What about travel costs?
    There are no travel costs for events within the city of Auckland. We are absolutely happy to travel outside the city if you would like, with trips over 30 minutes incurring a per-kilometre cost to cover fuel. We will do our best to carpool in order to reduce the cost to you as well as our carbon footprint :) 
    We are also happy to travel to other regions of New Zealand, as long as the travel expenses are covered. 

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